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Tim's Journey

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Tim's Journey

Leadership expert and business coach Tim Lansford has experienced change in numerous ways over the years. Prior to becoming a full-time professional speaker, Tim was a highly successful entrepreneur. (Some may even say serial Entrepreneur) He has founded several companies that provided people with opportunities for work, growth and purpose.  His successes include experience in industries such as Building / Remodeling Industry, Real Estate Investments, Manufacturing, Computer Consulting, Telecommunications, Restaurant / Nightclub, Food Distribution, Wholesale Paper Distribution, Retail Packaging Industry, Business Consulting, and Seminar Training.


Tim has been the on air radio talent and host for two real estate radio shows in the Dallas market…The Not-so-Secret, Secret Agents and the Flipside of Real Estate.  Tim is currently member of the National Speakers Association, National Association of Home Builders, National Association of Realtors, a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Emcee, and Licensed Texas Real Estate Instructor.

Fast forward to 2014.  Tim and his beautiful wife were blessed with twins.  (A boy and girl!)  During the pregnancy of his wife (who was told to stay in bed a lot) and the birth of the twins, Tim slowed his multiple businesses and somewhat became a full time night Nanny to his wife and the twins.  Blessed he could spend time with them, it was time to get his multiple businesses up and roaring again.  But Tim noticed a change in his focus and began self reflecting.  He wanted the joy in his home life to equal that in his professional life.  The points in his career that gave him the most joy were the moments when he had a microphone in his hand.  Whether it was on the radio or training a large group of people, these were moments that didn't feel like work. He was excited to do the research and talk to the masses.  Most importantly, these moments also brought the most personal satisfaction because he was inspiring others and actively helping people to better themselves and their businesses.  Upon this realization, Tim then made the decision to follow his passion and concentrate fully on his speaking career and consulting business.  It not only brings him great joy, allowing him to spend more time with his family, but also enables him to spread his inspiration to others so they can become better leaders, managers, salespeople, and speakers.

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