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The experts say the more specialized you are, the more successful you will likely be.  I have tried this path and found it unrewarding and challenging.  I felt like I had a wealth of information that I was unable to share. I believe my brain likes the challenge of switching topics two or three times a week at different speaking sessions.
I have thought how much easier it would be to have one or two canned speeches that I delivered everywhere.  I guess if I had to put myself in a category, it would be a Custom Leadership Speaker.  Most all my seminars and keynotes are custom fitted to the audience and the company that employs my services.
So why Leadership?
Leadership gives me a platform to share my extensive knowledge and experiences as a entrepreneur in the numerous industries that I have been associated with.  I remember when I started dating my wife, she use to think I was making up stories and industries that I had been in.   It just didn't seem real, that one person could have so many experiences, in so many different industries.
Leadership also allows me to put all my different topics and soft skills programs under the Leadership Umbrella.  So, if you need a custom one day / two day program, keynote, or would like information on my year long leadership program.... please know that I am up for the challenge.


One-Day Seminars

Two-Day Immersion Seminar

Year Long Leadership Program

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