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Purpose in Action.

Most people waste a lot of time during the day on useless actions. I have been keeping an extra watchful eye on my actions each day. I try to maximize my time spent on activities that have a purpose. I am not saying that surfing Facebook isn't fun, there just needs to be a balance. Like most, you pick up your phone to look at an email, and next thing you know, you are checking the latest updates on Facebook. Each day I monitor each action and ask this question, "Does this activity help me accomplish my purpose?". If you look at each minute and ask this question, hopefully it will help you monitor your actions. I challenge you to keep a journal for a day. Write down every task you do for the day. From taking a shower, brushing your teeth, to

the couple of minutes you took to read this post. You will soon know if your Actions have a Purpose!

It's been great, and it's been fun, but my writing time here is done....Tim Lansford

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