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Find your "IT" in Life.

Find your IT in life. What is IT that gets you up in the morning and pushes your forward. For me it is my wife and kids. My family is my passion and reason that I work so hard. We love to spend time together, taking vacations, and creating memories together. I work hard so I can give my family the adventures that we seek. What is your tennis ball? My dog Missy had a passion for her tennis ball. It pretty much was her existence. She would carry it around, lay with it, take it for walks... stare at me until I kicked it or threw it for her. What is your IT? I always ask people what motivates them to get out of bed. Most have to think about it for a little bit before they can answer. Take time to think about it! Take time to develop a plan!

It's been great, and it's been fun, but my writing time here is done....Tim Lansford

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