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Do you have a Reward System?

Do you have a reward system in place if you have a good day? Mine tends to be ice cream. I always keep some ice cream in the freezer and have a bowl after I put the kids asleep for the night. I don't do this every night, but will if I feel I accomplished a lot during the day. I know that some people use it for having a bad day. Not saying that it is good or bad. We all have bad and good habits. But you need to establish one thing that you can do, eat, drink that gives you the satisfaction of a reward for a good day of work. People want to feel valued and appreciated. I others won't give you recognition, find something in your routines that serves like a pat on the back. If you are an overachiever and have a awesome day at work each day, then let me be the first to recommend a granola bar, not ice cream everyday.

It's been great, and it's been fun, but my writing time here is done....Tim Lansford

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