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Family on Father's Day.

As I sit here with a extra full belly, I am so thankful that we can take time to spend with family. I have a close family and we love to get together. Today was full of grilling out, playing in the pool with the the wife, kids and grandma. Grandpa has his normal day of reading his book and watching golf. Which brings me to my Dad...I am thankful for each day that we have to play golf, go fishing, or just go to breakfast. I am thankful for the knowledge that he has provided over the years. My Dad was a walking encyclopedia growing up. He would watch jeopardy and answer each question, while reading one of his novels, and have a conversation with me about how my day went..... all at the same time. I still marvel at this ability. Some of my fondest memories were going to the library each week to pick up another 13 novels for him to read. I am still amazed the amount of reading that he can accomplish each week. I attempt to make time to read each night, but seems like life gets in the way. The biggest thing is that reading is a passion of my Dad, and for me, I read books for information. If you are passionate about something, you will take the time to make it happen. Some people work in jobs that they aren't passionate about. When personal coaching a client, I always ask him to write down all the things he dislikes about his job and all the things he likes about his job. Most people have never done this. They just walk around and tell everybody how much they hate their job. When asked "what do you hate about your job"? Most answers consist of everything. When they take time to write it down, they find out that there are usually one or two big things that they hate about their job... and they actually have a good list of things that they like about their job. I challenge each of you to take the time to make your list and see if you can work on slowly fixing the bad things, or just try to concentrate on the positive things more. It makes your day much more enjoyable and that is a step in the right direction.

It's been great, and it's been fun, but my writing time here is done....Tim Lansford

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