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NAHB Courses

Year Long Association Leadership Program

"This is a personal program that I have designed for associations to promote current and future leadership within their organizations." 

2 day Opening Retreat - Leadership and Team Building
Session 3 - Leading the Team
Session 4 - Communicate Like a Leader
Session 5 - Spokesperson Training
Session 6 - Bargaining, Negotiating, and Closing the Deal
Session 7 - Balance and Renewal
Session 8 - Precision Thinking and Problem Solving Skills for Leaders
Session 9 - Project Management
Session 10 - Leadership Program Review, Lunch and Graduation

Tim's Approved NAHB Courses

Building Management for Building Professionals
Essential Closing Strategies
Principles of Residential Marketing
Advanced Green Building / Building Science
Advanced High Performance Building / Project Management
Basics of Building
Certified New Home Professional
Estimating and Scheduling for Profitable Business Operations
High Performance Building for Building Professionals
Land Acquisition & Development Finance
Marketing and Sales for Building Professionals
Principle of Residential Marketing / Strategy & Implementation Classroom
Profitable Business Through Quality Practices
Risk Management and Insurance for Building Professionals 
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